[Company] Weekly Update 7 and 8/2010

Maksim 'max_posedon' Melnikau maxposedon at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 05:44:26 EDT 2010

On 4/14/10, Yi Zhang <yi at sharism.cc> wrote:
> Hi Maksim,
Hi, Yi

> 1. China Post doesn't offer EMS to Belarus.
In this case, what China Post offer to Belarus? Some kind of regular
mail? Its defenetly should be a way send a package to Belarus.

Personally, I'm agree wait longer and receive neo via regular mail.

> 2. I tried to get a company account with HK Post, but we don't
> fulfill some of their requirements. I haven't given up on this one
> yet, since like you said many our customers could benefit from it. HK
> Post said they want to visit our HK office, and this is in progress.

Good luck with it!

> David, how about sending Ben NN from Spain via EMS?
Nice option too, if it won't require big extra costs for me

> Is there anybody wants to become our distributer in Russia?
Russia now have some problems with mail, but you can try contact


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