another way to reflash NanoNote.

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Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> Hi All
> I am work on the another way to reflash NanoNote.
>  1. boot from USBBOOT mode
>  2. upload kernel and rootfs to NanoNote.
>  3. reflash NanoNote with the kernel.
> then we don't need write driver twice. once for Kernel. another for
> usbboot target binary.
> we use the "xbboot" command to upload kernel. xbboot is in
> xburst-tools.git.
> the reflash steps is:
>  1. download the zImage-initramfs.bin from [1]
>  2. compile the xbboot.
>  3. boot your NanoNote to USBBOOT mode
>  4. cd scripts && sudo ./boot-zImage /PATH/TO/zImage-initramfs.bin
> then the NanoNote will boot and start this shell[2] to reflash.
> this shell will find the images in the first partition of sdcard.
> (or we can also put those file to the DATA partitions).
> here is the TODO list:
>  1. the "mtd write" is not work. it's give error:
>     nand_do_write_ops: Attempt to write not page aligned data
>     for now we can not reflash the bootloader and kernel.
>  2. need setup lcd in stage1.bin.
> any advice will be great.
If the new image is taken from a sd card anyway why not simply boot
from sd card as-well. That would completely remove the need to use xbboot.

- - Lars
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