Does SAKC meet current Copyleft guidelines?

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Sun Apr 18 11:19:35 EDT 2010

[Wolfgang Spraul Fr  9. April 2010]:
> I don't see an FPGA in a mobile end-user product at all. Power consumption,

price may change, power consumption is a concept inherent problem of FPGA. The 
elements making for the flexibility of the chip also need power, so FPGA never 
can compete with custom tailored ASIC, when it comes to energy per function 
and/or to chipsize

> and especially price of FPGA.
> To me FPGA is only a tool to enable free software Verilog/VHDL projects,
> with the goal of then producing normal ASIC chips from those projects.
> My probably naive analogy is that it must be similar to going from GERBER
> to PCB. Send the GERBER, 2 weeks later get the PCBs in the mail.
> So once we have a stable and proven small digital IC, say developed on SAKC,
> we send out the Verilog, and a few weeks later get some chips in the mail 
> Most likely I will find out soon what's wrong with my theory, but well, have
> to start somewhere...

I don't see any essential faults in this theory :-)
Just you need to consider and most likely prepare for very extensive chip 
tests to verify your chip meets the specs (e.g. may work fine @20°C but fail 
on -5°C when voltage is at allowable limit.) On complex chips it's impossible 
to test all permutations of all environmental conditions * all allowable 
(concurrent?) functions of the chip. So it needs very good insight and a lot 
of experience to anticipate and spot the significant combinations you need to 

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