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> hello,
> I was testing vido last week using  a sample zim file from openzim,
> it is just 250mb of weight but seems vido cant handle it,
> or it take so long to get loaded so i get bored after 5 minutes
> and just shut down ben :p

Did you use a zimfile from the kiwix archive? Can you tell us exactly which
one u used?

> Does vido needs some tweak before get ready for zim files?

No, it should work right away, but there are minor differences between the
two kinds of files produced by openzim and kiwix.

> There is a chance to use xml from wikipedia instead, or making
> zim files from xml files (i know this is not the right place to ask this, i
> jut wonder
> some interesting answer)

The process to create zimfiles for now relies on html dumps because xml
files contain mediawiki syntax afaik.

> About the dictionary too, there are plans to use data from
> wikipedia/mediawiki?

Absolutely. The idea is to produce zim files for all kinds of wikis. Okawix
[1], a project that will soon produce zimfiles already has a lot of wikis
supported. Right now they are using the zeno format, but as I said they plan
to move to zim files.


> regards
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