Indefero 1.0 released

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Apr 21 07:21:05 EDT 2010

this is slightly off-topic, but then maybe not...
Indefero 1.0 has been released, see a good post about what's planned next
for Indefero here:

Indefero is the project management software behind
After using it for about 1 year and ca. 20 projects I think we can say that
it works really well. Small and lean and to the point.
We haven't upgraded to the 1.0 release yet but will do so soon. Of course
Indefero is GPL licensed...

Maybe it's a good opportunity for me to say again that is open for any copyleft hardware related
project around any of the devices we are currently covering in the wiki.

One thing I planned to do for a long time is to add a 'register new project'
form on the homepage, that's definitely missing :-)
Right now if you want to create your own project, create an account on, then email me the short name of your project
(only containing letters, numbers and '-'), and I will create the project
and give your account admin rights to the new project.


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