Using tslib in qt for qi

Juan Camilo Chaparro Marroquín jcchaparro9 at
Thu Apr 22 15:59:44 EDT 2010


I've successfully used Qi's openwrt in the sungale id800wt dpf, hopefully
I'll upload a video soon. I plan to use it for a home automation system
using zigbee (Digi's Xbee). However I've found some trouble while starting
qt's applications as I haven´t been able to use the touchscreen as input. I
know I should be using tslib, and that I have to enable it in both qt and
directfb so it works, but I don't know which config files from the openwrt
sources should I modify to make it work. Can any of you guys help me out?,
I'm a little stuck in it (sort of a new guy in this anyway :D)


Juan Camilo Chaparro
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