Arduino+Nanonote partial success

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Mon Apr 26 04:16:57 EDT 2010


Adam and me work on the TP4 and TP5 today. have found this:

1. there is no UART1 in Jz4720. so we can not use the /dev/ttyS1.
2. the UART0 have two set of pins:
	A: TP74(RXD), TP75(TXD)
	B: TP4(RXD), TP5(TXD)
    TP4,TP5 is not the second serial port.

On 04/26/2010 10:11 AM, Adam Wang wrote:
> Hi,
>>> A)Surrender, let's face we can only send and act in consecuece using
>>> ben just as a keyboard or data input to arduino
>>> B) use ttyS1 instead, until now I think no one here has achieve to
>>> make it work and is possible that will never do because is posible a
>>> JTAG port and not a UART
>> I found this in the JZ4740_PM.pdf Page 195, 196
>>   0 30 U PWM6 (out) UART0_CTS_ (in)  UART1_RXD (in)  6, 7
>> 31 31 U PWM7 (out) UART0_RTS_ (out) UART1_TXD (out) 6, 7
>> 6. This GPIO pin is not available in Jz4725
>> 7. This GPIO pin is not available in Jz4720
>> since the Ben NanoNote use Jz4720, then we don't have the UART1 pin out. :-(
> Also have following msg on page 196:
> 2. PC31: GPIO group C bit 31. No corresponding pin exists for this
> GPIO. It is only used to select the
>     function between UART and JTAG, which share the same set of pins,
> by using register PCSEL [31]
>      When PCSEL [31]=0, select JTAG function.
>      When PCSEL [31]=1, select UART function
> In Jz4720_ds.pdf still mentions the pin148(thus Ben's TP4)&
> pin147(Ben's TP5) are sharing pins for UART0 used by PC31's setting.
> Adam

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