xburst-tools source tarball?

Jonathan Nieder jrnieder at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 04:57:54 EDT 2010

Hi Xiangfu,

Xiangfu Liu wrote:

> recently I work on the xbboot. but I don't know how package usbboot and xbboot
> to one Debian package. (learning ...)

Sorry I haven’t responded to this yet.  I should have some free time
to work on nanonote again tomorrow at last.

I’m looking forward to trying out xbboot.  It sounds neat.

> Another question:
> xbboot will upload zimage-initramfs.bin image to device.
> but problem is the zimage-initramfs.bin is create by OpenWrt.
> it's need cross_compiler, kernel source code, busybox, etc.
> how to add zimage-initramfs.bin to debian package?

I would suggest not including it in the same package.  Debian is
fairly careful about including corresponding source to any
GPL-licensed software it distributes, and providing the corresponding
kernel source code, compiler source, etc would be a bit of a pain
(worthwhile, but tough[1]).  So in the short term I would suggest
distributing the initramfs somewhere else online and mentioning that
in the documentation.

> or:
> we can configure upload iamge is one option, like:
> xbboot -d 0x80600000 /path/to/openwrt-xburst-zImage.bin
> xbboot -d 0x80100000 /path/to/openwrt-xburst-u-boot.bin

Yes, I think this is the right way to go.


[1] So eventually I would be happy to see

 1. cross compilers packaged for Debian
 2. other tools to build the rootfs packaged for Debian
 3. new source package that build-depends on those packages to produce

There’s been some work on step 1 already (for Atmel’s AVR targets).
I’m not sure what the current status of that project is.

An alternative approach would be to make a source package with the
pre-built zimage-initramfs.bin and all corresponding source.  If
accepted, this would duplicate a lot of data already available on
Debian mirrors, so I don’t think it would be accepted.

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