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On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 05:04, marc zonzon <marc.zonzon at> wrote:
> - In Europe we certainly want euro (but it's continent-centric!).

It can certainly be added.

> - A large space bar is needed on a desktop to keep your two thumbs
> over the space bar, but I don't see well the use of it on a so small
> keyboard, better to have more keys.

The space bar is the most frequently used key, especially when you
type text or commands.
On a handheld, having it big enough means it can be easily accessed by
either the left thumb or the right thumb, even if they are not kept on
it at the same time.

I really wonder if more keys are needed : the entire US ASCII charset
can fit on the keys, leaving enough space for 8 bit chars like euro.
Currently, you must look for the space key. Maybe the space key issue
should be fixed before adding more keys that are not yet needed?

> - Why not to use the modifier to have more Fn keys, it's always a pain
> on software like mc that fit very well on Ben, but where we are used
> to make constant use of F8 (available now, but no longer in your
> design), and F10. Of course Fn Keys will be less needed if we get
> touchscreen in next model, but they will be still useful.

This is a great idea! It can go to F12 and there are 2 keys lefts.
They can be F13 and F14, or they can be mapped to more useful
functions like SysReq and Mode (for non-latin input).

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 10:19, Harold Shore <harold.i.shore at> wrote:
> I also feel that the current keyboard is. as you diplomatically write,
> 'sub-optimal'.

I guessed it from the pictures before buying a nanonote, but that was
just a wild guess. Yet in real use it also feels uneasy.

I just don't want to bash whoever spend some time doing the initial
design - improving is easy, making initial choices is hard. There's
little to criticize in the Nanonote (keyboard and ram are my biggest

> An issue with the keyboard is the use of red symbols to denote the special
> values of keys.  Red on black is quite hard to see in poor light.  Perhaps
> yellow would work better.

Right - yellow, green, or a light blue (as current) are more easily
seen. I can hardly see the red symbols, but the blue numbers are fine.
The eye is quite sensible to blue - and it has an even better
resolution for green, but green may look weird :-)

Here is an updated picture in yellow, including the other changes from
the discussion.
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