A Few Things (Debian, Sharism)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Tue Apr 20 02:24:56 EDT 2010

wow, to keep things simple: thank you for your support, and kind words!
Obviously there are many more people than me and Xiangfu you singled out,
in particular all the early supporters like Lars, Mirko Vogt, Kristoffer,
Bas, zear, emdete, and so on. Mirko Lindner reminding us once in a while
about the bigger picture :-)

In the last few weeks I have to say I saw a number of amazing posts from
new people, names I have never seen before like Guylhem Aznar, marc zonzon,
Delbert Franz, mark adrian bell, Jonathan Nieder, Ruben Berenguel, Phil
Endecott, cristian paul, Richard Alloway, yourself, and many others.

Are you guys really all hacking on the NanoNote? Amazing! :-)

> What we need -- and by "we", I mean early adopters of the BNN -- is a
> bigger (and admittedly more bloated) and more familiar environment with
> twenty thousand packages to test new ways of interacting with the
> hardware.  Lessons (and packages) from that should then be integrated
> into the OpenWRT main project for the hardware.  That is why I'm
> pursuing the Debian option: I expect to continue to use OpenWRT in the
> future, once the UI has gained some stability.

Good way to see things, definitely agree with you.

> For my part, I shall hunt like an eagle for opportunities to put money
> in your pockets.  In my opinion, your openness and excellence MUST be
> encouraged.

He. Great! In the short term what we need are distributors in more
countries. My wishlist: USA/Canada, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Australia,
Japan. Do you guys know that you can become our exclusive partner for these
countries? Once we have someone in a country we redirect all sales from that
country to there, work together on marketing. Because of the volume and
price/margin of the Ben there is no way anybody can make real money now,
but you can become part of the project/community, and if we manage to come
out with a real hit one day, everybody should finally make some money.

In parallel we continue to put seeds in place for more products. Maybe an
OpenStreetMap device (Garmin-like, see the thread on this list last month).

Or a phone, or Ya NanoNote.
I spent some good time in Shenzhen last week, the visit to HopeRF was
outstanding and we bought 40 RFM12B RF modules from them.

So what do you and others think of a Ya NanoNote like this:
Same case as Ben, but XBurst 4760 (500-600mhz), USB On-The-Go (that means
client and host on the same plug), 64 or 128 MB RAM, and HopeRF module
so Ya NanoNotes can talk to each other?
Just an idea, let's see how we can advance Ben software and SAKC in coming
months (I am very interested in the Bluetooth and GPS hacking by Guylhem
and cristian paul, for example). And what evaluation of the HopeRF module
Let's collect Ya NanoNote discussions on this forum page

Bottom line - keep up the important Debian work, and thanks again for your
kind words.

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