Hacking bluetooth, and using Propeller platform with Nanonote

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at tuxbrain.com
Thu Apr 22 03:22:53 EDT 2010

Ron, just a note, why not just bitbang directly from NN/SACK the Bt
module instead of using (propeller/arduino/whatever) in the middle?
BTW Thanks for your "other" project research :) you bring awesome
stuff that can refresh ideas, for me is more than ok you post here
such discoveries here, no need to create other list.

2010/4/22 Ron K. Jeffries <rjeffries at gmail.com>:
> Warning: this is pure hardware and software enthusiast stuff.
> There is no suggestion that Sharism At Work
> as a commercial enterprise would be interested in this idea.
> But some people who read this list may be.
> *** Would it be advisable to set up a list elsewhere for this
> *** sort of post that, while very interesting to me, may not be what the
> *** usual Nanonote buyer is interested in. Let me know.
> As nice as the Ben Nanonote is, for some projects it would
> be handy to have Ben loosely coupled to a platform designed to
> interface various devices.
> The SAKC Carlos is designing is one interesting
> approach, using an FPGA. A different approach would
> be to use an Arduino, maybe interfaced using the serial port.
> Also VERY interesting (to me) is [1] a platform built with
> the Propeller microcontroller from Parallax. As you may
> remember, Propeller is an unusual chip architecture, with 8 cores,
> especially good for hard real time apps.
> Propeller Platform
> [1] http://gadgetgangster.com/find-a-project/56?projectnum=168
> Here's a guy bit banging some Bluetooth using Propeller
> [2] http://micah.navi.cx/2010/04/embedded-bluetooth-for-2/
> This platform uses an MIT license, which they prefer to CC-BY-SA
> That's fine by me, but others may think differently.
> So I suggest that using Ben with (for example) [1] would make it possible
> for some who are interested to get access to bluetooth, using cheap
> commodity dongles, and (possibly) even use WiFi dongles on
> the Propeller.
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