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Hi again,
 yesterday I re-flashed my Ben, and now it works like a charm
with the new graphical interface. I'm really happy about it!
What I'd like to do is developing an application that can show
some timed images on the screen, record the user input and
save some data. I read [1] that Qt4 is supported, so I could
develop something in C++ and compile it, or I could use
Python [2]. Any suggestions on the way to go? Having seen
Quake ported to the NN, is it a wrong guess that some OpenGL
stuff can be included?

Thanks to all!



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Hi Marco,
Last official image had included a lot of the stuff you see there, you
just have to reflash it ,
Follow the instructions on this wiki page:

To see what is included in the last image visit


2010/4/20 Marco Castorina <marco.castorina at>:
> Hi all,
>  I just got my nanonote and I really look forward developing
> on it. I'm quite new to embedded linux and cross compilation.
> I already see some post about running Debian on it, but I
> don't quite understand the whole process. Could you please
> share a sort of tutorial to achieve the goal? I'd like to achieve
> the same as David here:
> Thanks again to all, I hope to start contributing really soon.
> Marco
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