gmenu2x on Ben: docs?

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Thu Apr 22 05:47:04 EDT 2010

nn key = gmenu2x key

2010/4/22 Fernando Carello <fcarello at>:
> Maybe I'm just too dense, anyway I try to reformulate the question. :-)
> How is gmenu2x supposed to be used on the Ben?
> How do I select "Applications/Emulators/Games", since there are no "L" and "R" hard keys like on the gp2x?
Q=L & P=R
> Why the only thing I get when I hit Enter (regardless which icon I select: GMenu2X, Skin, Wallpaper, Info) is gmenu2x config screen?

Volume/frequency ones I don't know

> How are you people are customizing this graphic launcher, if there's no Ben-related documentation about keys etc.?
> Thanks!
> Fernando
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