Compiling a very simple app

Marco Castorina marco.castorina at
Sun Apr 25 07:19:56 EDT 2010

Hi there,

> Hi here 

> is the steps for compile the toolchain:

> $ git clone git://
> $ cd openwrt-xburst
> $ git fetch origin
> $ git checkout --track -b xburst origin/xburst # checkout the 'xburst'-branch
> $ scripts/feeds update -a && scripts/feeds install -a
> $ make menuconfig
>   Select the Ingenic Xburst  target.

I got here and, maybe I'm a little dumb, but I can't see the
Ingenic Xbusrt target you're mentioning. Attached there's
a screenshot of the list I get.

>$ make

Btw, after I manage to compile my Qt application, where
should I put it in order to execute it? I have installed the
latest image for the Ben (the one with the G2X menu).

Thanks a million!


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