Connecting Ben NanoNote to Internet via bridge on host and using udhcpc

Delbert Franz ddf at
Tue Apr 27 17:36:34 EDT 2010

I'm following the instructions that I found in the archive for Friday, 
March 19, 'New NanoNote user questions", for connecting the Ben to the 
Internet, posted by Marc Zonzon.  My host is running Debian testing 
and I got it to work but when I reboot, there seems to be a question 
of changing MAC address on the Ben and even when that is manually 
changed in /etc/config/network, there also seems to be a issue of the 
sequence in which the various components are brought up.  I have it 
working again, but I'm not sure what sequence made it work:)  

One problem is that if a MAC address is hard coded in 
/etc/config/network, then 'ifconfig usb0' will always show that address.  
However, a check of the listing produced by 'dmesg' will show a MAC 
address that changes at every boot of the Ben.  If these two addresses 
differ, I fail to get a connection, and even if they are the same, I 
sometimes have to reboot the host to get udhcpc on the BEN to ever 
come back from its message about sending a discover command (or 
something like that).  

Anyone else had these problems?



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