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> > Which Michael are you referring to?
> He's hiding under codename Mirko (sorry) :-)

Ah, that would be me than ;)

> Copyleft hardware depends much more on a living community than any other
> product. There will always be the gap between manufactorer/maker/company
> and user/customer.

I completely agree here. So if there are any ideas, wishes or visions on how
we can improve relations and collaboration etc please let's here 'em (that
goes for everyone of course). If there are things you want changed, in our
behavior, methods or goals speak up :)

> The Mailinglist/Wiki thing doesnt work with Openmoko
> neither. So I suggest Qi create other plattforms (forum).

Wolfgang answered that part I think.

> Steve left Openmoko with big noises about the new baby. It was too loud,
> so I kept distance. I like your voice much more Mirko.

I'll take that as a compliment ;)

> I am glad you feel a bit pissed off from my posts, that helps to keep
> awake.

Touché :D


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