Bad block Frenzy

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Aug 5 02:03:56 EDT 2010


> Looking for suggestions on how to get this working. Currently usbboot reports 2 bad blocks inside the kernel area which I cannot seem to get going (log below).
> All kernel flashes end with CRC error at bootup.
> Ive had this issue last time I tried to flash, but it sorted itself out
> after a couple of nerase. This time though it doesnt seem to.
> So, I either want good ideas on howto fix it (nerase/order of actions/...)
> or just an good way to see where the bad blocks are so I can work around them (adjusting u-boot kernel position / kernel size).

I saw you also discussed this in IRC, and were looking for me there...
Do you have a solution now?

One thing you could try is to boot from SD, and then write the kernel
with proper Linux tools flash_eraseall and nandwrite.
It's documented here:

What are those tools saying? If there is indeed a bad block in the kernel
location, flash_eraseall and nandwrite should write the kernel around that
bad block, and u-boot would need to read it correctly too then. Maybe this
is a good chance to make things more robust. But definitely try using Linux
tools for NAND work as much as possible, as opposed to usbboot.


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