SACK, robotics course, API and more

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Tue Aug 10 14:51:21 EDT 2010

Thanks everyone for your comments

David, I will be changing all the SACK related info with SIE :)

About the API and programming interface, an "open" library I have found is
[1] OpenBlocks. The LOGO based APIs are very tempting, it depends on the
easisest and fullest option for this first run.

Also, for SIE usb and jack feeding, my colleague in this project have found
an alternative using 2 op-amps and a mosfet transistors (similar to the
ARDUINO DECIMILANOVA alternative), in the next mail I will atach this. After
talking with prof. Camargo (the teacher respect always first, jejej), maybe
this could be a good alternative, if not for the production of SIE V2, maybe
for V3 or for my project.

Rafael, about you suggestions, thank you very much! we have a long way to
go, but with your help, this task will be easier to accomplish.

Xiangfu, could you please help us setting a project in It would be very helpful to share files with my
colleagues and to show our progress.

Thank you!



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