IDBG-Ben version 2

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Aug 11 19:40:13 EDT 2010

Finally, it's done. The Internal Debug Board (IDBG) is a small PCB
that goes inside the Ben and provides a USB connection (on its own
micro-USB connector) over which one can access the serial console
and other signals.

The most important changes:

- removed one connection and improved the layout to make the others
  easier to route, resulting in an even more enjoyable installation

- the IDBG firmware now needs to be configured for the respective
  target, i.e., GTA, IDBG-Ben V1 board (July 2010), or IDBG-Ben V2
  (August 2010),

- IDBG-Ben uses the USB product ID of Qi Hardware,

- the command-line tools now detect the target type and adapt
  themselves accordingly (e.g., idbg-gpio uses Ben signal names
  and only shows I/Os that are actually assigned),

- new command-line tool idbg-nnboot to set the boot mode to USB or
  to NAND.

Project home page:

git clone

Diagram of the cabling:
(Picture courtesy of Rafa.)
Useful commands:
idbg-con		connects to the serial console
idbg-reset		hardware-resets the Ben
idbg-nnboot nand	sets the boot source to NAND (default)
idbg-nnboot usb		sets the boot source to USB
idbg-id			prints information about the IDBG

See README.NANONOTE in the repository for build instructions.

- Werner

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