Copyright issues concerning emulators

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I think all copyright issues over emulators have been settled with
Sony v. Bleem lawsuit over the Bleem! PlayStation emu
"Two days after Bleem! started taking preorders for their emulator,
Sony filed suit against them alleging that they were violating their
rights and that providing access for PlayStation games to run on
non-Sony hardware constituted unfair competition.

Ultimately Bleem! won in court and a protective order was issued to
"protect David from Goliath". Sony lost on all counts, including
Bleem!'s use of screenshots of PlayStation games on its packaging. The
court noted that Bleem!'s use of copyrighted screenshots was
considered fair use and should be allowed to continue.

Despite the legal victories, the legal fees allegedly forced the
company out of business."

and  SCO v. IBM, SCO v. Novel, SCO Autozone, SCO v. ..... lawsuits
over the Linux UNIX emu


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