uSD to Uart interface?

Erwin José Lopez Pulgarin erwinkendo at
Tue Aug 31 23:44:56 EDT 2010

Wow, this is very complete, it looks promising, and it works, it even
include the drivers. This could Begin a lot of projects around bridged from
SD to other implementing protocols.

Good Finding :)

2010/8/31 David Reyes Samblas Martinez <david at>

> Yes I know, we just have started and only have a the draft in a file
> of a uSD pins exposer, but trying to find information about how to
> control SDIO pins as GPIO's I have found this one
> is a the user manual of a iW-SDIO-UART Bridge Demo Board that claims
> to work under Ubuntu 8.04 , having something similar to the ben or
> even a "simplier" 3V3 UART will rock (yeah Ethernet is even cooler I
> know :P)
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