Community News 2010-12-01 released

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Dec 1 11:31:32 EST 2010

I suggest to read the news including some pictures and links with your
browser at
but otherwise here is a short text only summary...

* Qi Hardware was assigned IEEE OUI 10-E2-D5 for use in Ethernet MAC
  addresses and elsewhere.
* Qi Hardware USB IDs added to
* Elphel and Qi Hardware got a page on Wikipedia.
* Xiangfu got xburst-tools (USB booting and flashing XBurst devices)
  and fped (parametric footprint editor for KiCad) into Debian/unstable.

--- NanoNote pocket computer

* Werner Almesberger started to work on a 802.15.4 microSD RF board
  around Atmel AT86RF230, for use with the Ben and other devices. The
  goal is to make it work out of the box as a 6LoWPAN device. PCB
  antenna is being developed 'in-house' at Werner's apartment. Stay tuned.
* Kristian Paul convinced the Universidad del Valle located in Buga,
  Colombia to support the development of his free GPS stack with access
  to a 150 MHz scope.

--- Milkymist One interactive VJ station

* roh made a wooden case for Milkymist One at the Raumfahrtagentur
  Hackerspace in Berlin. The process was QCad to DXF to RABBIT 40B
  laser cutter.

--- Xué digital camera

* The Xué project has chosen the MT9M033C12STC Aptina CMOS censor,
  and Sharism made a firm order of 30 pieces of that sensor. Now we
  only need to review everything properly, and spend more time on
  the KiCad process: KiCad to PCB, KiCad to components shopping list
  (boom), KiCad to SMT.
* Andrés Calderón has issued a call for reviewers.

That's it, many small bits and pieces falling into place, what a
wonderful community to be part of.

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