/dev/rtc not found

Delbert Franz ddf at sonic.net
Wed Dec 1 16:02:05 EST 2010

I tried to set the date/time according to the wiki page.  However, there seem
to have been some changes since it was written in March!

If I execute

hwclock -w -l 

I get "invalid option -- l"

Looking through the help list printed after the error message 
results in trying:

hwclock -w --localtime

but now it is still "unhappy":

hwclock: open() of /dev/rtc failed, errno=21:  No such file or directory.

Indeed when I go to /dev  there is no entry "rtc".  

After I set the date and time zone I get the time but it is 
lost at the next reboot if not sooner:)

Can anyone offer a howto that applies to the latest released



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