Using swap, ext4, and the gcc-mips native compiler on the Ben--they all work!

mark adrian bell m487396 at
Fri Dec 3 01:12:07 EST 2010

> On Thu, Dec 02, 2010 at 12:11:02PM
> -0800, Delbert Franz wrote:
> > This E-mail is a bit long, but I wanted to report on
> what I found, 
> > since nothing has appeared on these topics yet. 
> Now I have to get 
> > back to "real" project work:) 
> > 
> That was insanely engaging, thank you for posting. 
> I've been
> considering putting a development environment on my
> NanoNote, as not
> having one has kept me off it for the last little while
> I've been
> working on a development-heavy project.
> -Alan

When you do, please post instructions. I'd love to try out compiling simple programs on the NN. I'm a beginner, so cross-compiling is a bit intimidating for me.

- mark


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