Portable music player

Sam Geeraerts samgee at elmundolibre.be
Sat Dec 4 17:07:08 EST 2010

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas wrote:
>  Check this too
>  http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Why_make_and_sell_copyleft_hardware


>> 4 is not so bad if not for 7. Then I could just say: these few
>> buttons matter, ignore all the rest.
>> Could the BNN boot faster if it only had to run gmu? Would not
> Look what i did, was quick just to response the Mail so it could be
> improved:
> 1. edit /etc/inittab 
>  #tty1::respawn:/usr/bin/gmenu2x
>  tty1::respawn:/usr/bin/gmu

gmu exits right away complaining about SDL_NOMOUSE.

tty1::once:/bin/ash --login -c /usr/bin/gmu

starts gmu but then the SD card is not mounted.

> Comment and add line as showed, this in order start gmu as soon as
> posible :)
> I also commented 
>  #tty3::askfirst:/bin/ash --login
>  #tty4::askfirst:/bin/ash --login
> Not sure if really help
> 2. disable dropbear startup by default
>  /etc/init.d/dropbear disable  (Yes i know people in the list may said,
>  WHAT?, after this)
> So if you need remote shell i added in 
>  /etc/profile
> This alias:
>  alias shell=' /etc/init.d/dropbear  start'
> Then if later want shell just jump to the second tty (alt +f2)
> and type shell :)
> I think my nano still booting in same time than before.. well i dont
> know how meaasure startup time.

I didn't notice a real difference in boot time.

> Ahh last thing,
> At irc had been discuss posible removal or uboot and just jump to linux,
> that may reduce some seconds startup time.


>> requiring the USB port matter for boot speed? Putting audio files
>> directly on the SD card instead of via scp is easier for the
>> non-technical user anyway.
>  Totally Agree !
>> I believe gmu has support for skins. Is there a skin that has bigger
>> fonts, so that grandma can read which track she's playing?

I tried default-modern-large. It's better, though requires 
side-scrolling. However, the command quick reference at the bottom of 
the screen doesn't scroll, so some information is lost.

>> I suppose 7 is not solved by just another skin. I think a simpler
>> interface comes down to either disabling some features (play/pause,
>> skip and auto-load of everything on the SD card should be sufficient
>> for a minimal player) or replacing some function keys with GUI
>> elements.
> Yes
>> So, what's the potential of the BNN to make it a portable audio
>> player and how much of these (and perhaps other) issues could be
>> addressed? It'd be nice to not have to put the usual junk under the
>> Christmas tree this year.
> I agree with you in wich Ben can be a better music player (maybe fixing
> fonts and makinng GMU more user friendly), but as you pointed before it
> is not a hardware oriented to just a music player, Wikipedia Reader,
> Dictionary are other applications

Of course. But my target audience wants an easy to use no-learning-curve 
portable music player so I'd like to provide just that as best as 
possible, without any complicating extras.

> I'm dont know  if your requests can be achivied shortly, i just remenber
> that the RockBox project [1] may have some development for porting
> this software to the ben or at least its CPU [2].

That would be very cool.

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