New Ben Nanonote Case (Castle)

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at
Sun Dec 5 22:04:09 EST 2010

Hello everyone,

it has been a while, but I have devised a new crochet case for the Ben 

I call this release of the case "castle" because of the look when flap is open.

additions include:

decorative edgings
adjustable strap (not suitable for running with yet though, just walking)
4-color scheme

I am interested in making people custom order cases. If anyone wants one, let me know (perhaps I will have to use another channel, not the main mailing list? )
A case would be 7.95 USD regardless of customization options. 

I will be reworking the strap and using real buttons in future versions (currently buttons are made of yarn. 

I will try to give "source code " for the current pattern if anyone wants to try to make a case


chain as many as your device is wide (in my case it was 15 for Ben Nanonote, case can be adapted for any device)
chain an additional 2
hdc in 3rd chain from hook and each chain remaining
when you get to last ch, turn and work hdc into OTHER side of chain
slip stitch to ch-2 from beggining 
repeat rounds of hdc until case is as tall as you want 
finish off;weave in ends (2)


attach yarn to edge of case where you want
ch 3 (counts as dc)
dc in next 4 stitches (5 total)
ch 3, turn, dc in next 4 dc (repeat until strap is desired length)
finish off

6 sc in 2nd chain from hook
6sc in same chain to overlap first 6 sc
finish off

obviously this is not all the info you need, but I will release more when I have time.

full pattern (when released) will always be free as in free speech. Of course one could "reverse engineer" a case too.

-hack well, take care
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