New Ben Nanonote Case (Castle)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Dec 6 13:40:03 EST 2010

wow this is something!
What I've seen so far...

* "I would love one as soon as I scrounge up the money!"
* "the most ugly PDA case I ever seen" 
* "I don't like to read this kind of mails" 
* "helping us overcome one of the most difficult cultural hurdles"

I can only say how much your work motivates me. THANK YOU!

Like Allin said - where do we draw the line of hardware? Should we
have a separate electrical mailing list?
I'm often the one who gets to cleanup abandoned dreams of world
domination, so I'm happy with one list. The volume doesn't seem
overwhelming to me, an email is easily deleted.

Is fashion part of copyleft hardware? Well, mechanical is definitely
100% part of and super important in hardware. So are cases. We define
it very broadly right now because copyleft hardware is so young.

Semiconductor manufacturing?
Electrical design, board layout and manufacturing?
free tools, KiCad process?
Sebastien just pasted this link on IRC

I think the castle case is fantastic! And the source code you published
with it :-)
For easier viewing, I created the wiki page

I recently came across this disco suit
If I understand it correctly, the plan is to have a website where you
enter your sizes, and then it creates a DXF file for you to laser-cut
your own dress! :-)
The real 'wearable computing' should be computing (hardware) that is
directly embedded into fashion, no? If that's the case, then it does
all connect and fit together, and we are on the right track.

The castle case sure enough brings out some emotions :-)

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