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Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at
Mon Dec 6 14:48:13 EST 2010

Congratulations, the most ugly PDA case I ever seen :-) Please dont feel offended, 

>no offense taken. In fact, I forgot to mention that this case was much more like a proof of concept for the strap/edgings.I personally did not like the color scheme either, i just used different ones to show contrast. If this is the Christoffer I think it is (creator of Jlime) I am planning to do a case for my J690 and 720 too (in Jlime green).
needless to say more subtle designs are to follow (and whoever posted it first, sorry to hear about Ubuntu)To those manly men who think this is not hardware or is both. Hardware in the physical sense, and also "soft-wear";)crochet is very technical because to create a product the person (compiler) must flawlessly execute an algorithm (pattern). It resembles hard core coding to me...maybe people who have never crocheted will give it a try, who knows...
-hack well
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