New Ben Nanonote Case (Castle)

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Mon Dec 6 21:24:59 EST 2010

Totally! Jane you rule! Increase the number of your emails! I get bored of
endless spec detalis to be honest, but I love all contributions! :) I still
want to get my flavored case for mine!


On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 2:40 AM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:

> Jane,
> wow this is something!
> What I've seen so far...
> * "I would love one as soon as I scrounge up the money!"
> * "the most ugly PDA case I ever seen"
> * "I don't like to read this kind of mails"
> * "helping us overcome one of the most difficult cultural hurdles"
> I can only say how much your work motivates me. THANK YOU!
> Like Allin said - where do we draw the line of hardware? Should we
> have a separate electrical mailing list?
> I'm often the one who gets to cleanup abandoned dreams of world
> domination, so I'm happy with one list. The volume doesn't seem
> overwhelming to me, an email is easily deleted.
> Is fashion part of copyleft hardware? Well, mechanical is definitely
> 100% part of and super important in hardware. So are cases. We define
> it very broadly right now because copyleft hardware is so young.
> Semiconductor manufacturing?
> Electrical design, board layout and manufacturing?
> free tools, KiCad process?
> Sebastien just pasted this link on IRC
> I think the castle case is fantastic! And the source code you published
> with it :-)
> For easier viewing, I created the wiki page
> I recently came across this disco suit
> If I understand it correctly, the plan is to have a website where you
> enter your sizes, and then it creates a DXF file for you to laser-cut
> your own dress! :-)
> The real 'wearable computing' should be computing (hardware) that is
> directly embedded into fashion, no? If that's the case, then it does
> all connect and fit together, and we are on the right track.
> The castle case sure enough brings out some emotions :-)
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang
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