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Tue Dec 7 10:04:50 EST 2010

Hi Werner

SIE news in general ! As I understand it, there's been a small army
> of students working with these for the last months. This must have
> produced something interesting, be the discovery of exciting design
> problems, clever solutions to problems, or even ideas for new uses.

Unfortunately, SIE is not a QI project, I mean, is a side project, so, only
my students and me are working on it, we are using  BEN's  software and
small programs to provide functionality to FPGA, I2C port, etc.

Right now, SIE is full functional, there is a small issue with the power
supply, from my point of view is not a big deal, there is a jumper for
disconnect USB power supply from DC jack power supply. I can fix this issue
adding one dual operational amplifier, one transistor and a 7805 linear
regulator adding a lot of area. Maybe you know a simplest circuit for it?

My student's projects are:<><>

Best Regards


Cristian where is the project page, where is the code? source files?
contributions?  Talk is easy.


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