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Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Dec 8 03:22:54 EST 2010

Carlos Camargo wrote:
> Very interesting work, here in my University we have a lot of equipment to
> characterize antennas, and one teacher Julian Herrera loves eorks on Antenna
> design, I'll talk with him and maybe we can characterize some of your
> designs.

That would be great, thanks ! The main issues where help would be very
welcome, are:

- are there any obvious design flaws, particularly in the layout ?

- given a PCB antenna (meandered inverted F) designed for a 1.0 mm
  board, how would it have to be adjusted for a 0.8 mm board ?

  (This is what I'm trying to determine via experiments.)

- measurement of the SWR of the antenna

  (I can only do this indirectly, by measuring the performance of the
  whole system.)

- measurement of spectrum leakage, with a view to FCC et al.

  (My uncalibrated equipment can only "see" the 1st and 2nd harmonic,
  so all I can make sure is that nothing truly catastrophic is
  happening, but I would probably miss any subtler violations.)

> Off topic: I'm planing travel to Buenos Aires to make a presentation in the
> Congreso Argentino de Sistemas Embebidos 2011, Do you plan assist?

I don't know yet. Some of the things do look interesting. What will
you present on ?

- Werner

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