SIE not part of QI?[was Re: New Ben Nanonote Case (Castle)]

Sergey Kvachonok ravenexp at
Wed Dec 8 03:40:16 EST 2010

> I make a lt of posts asking for I2C drivers, and never replies this mails, why??? In the past when I was designing SAKC I've made a lot of posts but, never reply.
> ...
> If we don't promote the hardware projects QI-hardware will convert in to QI-SOFTWARE. 5 HW developers is not enough.

I, for one, am interested in exactly the things you are talking about.
I don't mind case threads though, nor do I read them.

If you would clearly state the challenges your team is facing, be it
hw or sw, maybe someone will get involved. I'm a newcomer here, have
got a chance to buy nanonote some 2 months ago and have been playing
with it since. I'm currently unrolling gentoo on it and small-patching
qi-kernel to bring it on par with openwrt one, but also interested in
greater challenges like writing a driver for some JZ peripheral, maybe
IPU or such. We also do much xilinx fpga design where I work, even
though a haven't been directly involved with it yet. Have been doing
simple analog MCU-controlled designs mostly.


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