SIE not part of QI?[was Re: New Ben Nanonote Case (Castle)]

elcalamartevigila elcalamartevigila at
Wed Dec 8 05:12:03 EST 2010

On 12:07, Tue 07 Dec 10, Carlos Camargo wrote:
> talk about fashion. Here in Colombia there are a lot of mailing list where the
> people just talk, talk, talk, if we want to make a difference we need stronger
> hardware developers. Because of that I don't like the current mailing list, I
> join the developer list no the current list, I want to talk about electronic HW

hey carlos.
one of the things I like most of this list is how different skills contribute to
the "same" project. I wish I could contribute with skills I don't have (yet), and I
understand the need for a tech ml. 

Meanwhile, I have to say I've learned a lot reading you guys. So, thanks for sharing,
instead of writing in private.

I appreciate a list where I don't feel uncomfortable because not being a hardware or 
low-level software dev. That climate is what I think motivates me to learn beyond my
current skillset.

sure it must be "hard" to be in the narrow part of the "freedom ѕtack"

as always, same bits can be noise or information for someone. let's try to be
comfortable with that, cause this community is awesome (chrochet designs
included :P)


abra  su mente al dinero,
venda su alma al capital.

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