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Hi Carlos,

It's sad to see that you are disappointed by the current state of
things. I hope your mood will change soon.

Op 07-12-10 18:07, Carlos Camargo schreef:
> Is the reality, Ask Wolfgang about that, he don't work on SIE SW, he was
> very clear with me, he don't provide SW people for this project,

Wolfgang doesn't provide SW people for any project, AFAIK. People work
on what interests them. Since the Ben is currently the only thing that
really gets sold, it makes sense that it attracts most developers. As
for myself, I'd love to develop things for Xue (later, see below), but
I'm not going to waste time trying to write things that I cannot test.

I find SIE very interesting as well, but I feel it's a bit too
sophisticated for me. I've never programmed an FPGA. I have quite some
work trying to get Iris working on only the SoC. So for the time being,
I'm not planning to work on SIE. But I am still very interested in news!

> he help
> us with the manufacturing, but no more, If you see, there isn't a SW
> project to port SIE to u-boot or kernel, We've submitted some patch
> supporting SIE but not was included in the official distribution.

I didn't look closely at any of this, but I'm sure that if such a patch
would not break other targets (in particular Ben), it should be fine to
include it. I can't imagine that people wouldn't want those patches, or
something. They were probably just missed.

> Yes, we've made a lot of contributions, a lot of hours working on HW
> development, but with SIE I'm alone, nobody (except Werner, Adam,
> Sebastien) reply my posts,

I read your posts (and other HW posts such as Werner's) and am very
interested in what you do. However, I don't have the time to work on
those things myself at the moment, and don't have much to say.
Therefore, I don't say it, to keep the list traffic low.

But please do continue to tell us about the progress! I just can't do
much with it myself yet, because of time limitations and because I don't
have one (yet).

> I'm working very hard building a concept of copyleft hardware with my
> students, SIE is a very powerful platform for that, I like teh SW prject
> behind BEN, but I feel that this project is for SW guys. If we don't
> promote the hardware projects QI-hardware will convert in to
> QI-SOFTWARE. 5 HW developers is not enough.

Good SW is important, too. I've seen (proprietary) projects with great
HW fail completely because of insufficient SW support. Ben is currently
sold as a geek gadget. It's fine for that. However, if you want to sell
it to "normal" people, the SW must be improved. So working on it is very

At the same time, I'm very interested in the new HW developments. The
Ben is a nice starting point, but it's definitely not the end point. On
the other hand, we must avoid building more and more HW if the SW cannot
follow. Otherwise the projects will most certainly fail.

>     > My student's projects are:

Thank you for these links!

As for myself, I'm in between SW and HW. I'm now writing Iris, which is
a SW project. On the other hand, one of the reasons for writing it is
that it should be easy to control HW from it, including self-built HW. I
hope that Iris will get to a point where I (and others) are motivated by
it to build new HW to connect to Ben (or whatever it runs on). Once I
get a Xue (or prototype), I definitely want to port Iris to that. Same
thing for SIE. However, Iris isn't in a state yet where that makes
sense. First I need to be able to run programs in a more user-friendly
way, and I need to fix some drivers. So even though you don't hear much
from me on the HW front, I am very interested in what's happening there.
Please keep up the good work!

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