NanoNote (Debian) sleep, removing pyneo, X keymap?

Mark Tuson markfptuson at
Wed Dec 8 10:05:21 EST 2010

Hi, I'm just replying to this bit quickly, and then I'll contact you later
about the other stuff. You asked about why I would dist-upgrade after
installing Pyneo's image - I did it because the packages in Pyneo's version
were broken, and I wanted working packages. passwd was broken, as were a
number of things, and it took me ages to get it all working. I've considered
getting it all installed to my uSD card (which is 16GiB, so it wouldn't have
any problems there), but by the time I got one, I'd already settled into
what I'd already installed.

Is a 'proper' Debian netinst any better? Do all the packages work; X, &c?

On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 2:24 PM, Niels Serup <ns at> wrote:

> > It has this pyneo software on it (the Debian image is from the pyneo
> > website), which I'd like to remove since I don't know what it is or
> > does. Is there a way I can remove it?
> You could debootstrap Debian (or any other distribution). See
> (to remove the old image and
> add the new one, just use usbboot, see
> )
> > And, again, the keymap in X - is there a way to fix this? Is there a
> > file I can replace, and one I can replace it with?
> This is a little tricky, but this is how I made it work:
> First, create a script (call it something like ''). This is the
> script you will have to run to start X. Save this somewhere:
>  #!/bin/sh
>  . /etc/profile
>  export DISPLAY=:0.0
>  export HOME=/root
>  # Start X
>  Xfbdev -screen 320x240x32 r -rgba rgb -br -keybd \
>      evdev,,device=/dev/input/event1,xkbmodel=pc105 &
>  sleep 1
>  # Hide the cursor
>  unclutter -root -idle 1 &
>  # Start window manager (ratpoison here, could be something else)
>  ratpoison &
>  sleep 2
>  # Load keymap for modifier keys
>  xmodmap /root/.Xmodmap
> The standard pc105 xkbmodel will not work for this, which is why you
> will have to create a file with xmodmap statements (in the
> script, I have located this in /root/.Xmodmap). This file is somewhat
> long (and the Fn button doesn't work, meaning you'll have to press Shift
> +Left arrow+number instead of Fn+number to enter a number), so I have
> attached it to this mail.
> > I'm a little annoyed at the what the dist-upgrade thing did, but I'd
> > really rather fix it than reinstall, because I've had to put a lot of
> > effort into getting it to work as well as it does. If it's going
> > wrong, I'm going to be rather upset.
> A clean install, even if it's troublesome, might be the best solution.
> If you're using the image from pyneo, I don't see why you would want to
> dist-upgrade (isn't the image sid?), but if you're forced to reinstall
> from scratch, you could just save a list of all packages installed to a
> file and then use that file when your new system is ready. Something
> like this:
>  dpkg-query -W --showformat="\${Package} " > backupfile
> Niels
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