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Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Dec 8 13:37:44 EST 2010

Christoph Pulster wrote:
> My suggestion is to strenghten the cartridge idea as mentioned on the  
> Wiki. Ready-to-use microSD cards with self-installing applications which  
> make the "basis unit" to a Wikireader, retro gaming console, PDA etc.

So how would that work ? I.e., where would be the benefit for the user,
compared to other means of installing software ?

Would you sell the device as a, say, Wiki reader, bundled with the Wiki
reader "cartridge" ? There may be some benefit in this for users who
don't want to bother with software updates and the like at all. Not
sure if the rest of the product looks "polished" enough for such users,

Of course, you could just sell it with the Wiki reader software and
data preinstalled. So the cartridge doesn't really seem necessary.

You'd have the update problem in both cases. If you have online
updates, both are the same. If you offer new cartridges with updated
content, you could indeed satisfy the needs of those supposed hardcore
luddites, but then, are there enough of them around who'd use this ?
I think the OM Wikireader offers/offered this sort of update model as
an option. Was this successful ?

I doubt many users would want cartridges as a way of switching function,
given that they could just as well have a system that had everything
installed in parallel, without fumbling with cartridges.

- Werner

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