Mounting the nand root file system partition when running from micro SD

Delbert Franz ddf at
Wed Dec 8 20:25:33 EST 2010

I want to be able to update selected items on my NAND rootfs partition 
and todto that it is convenient to boot to the micro SD card, then 
mount the NAND partition.  However, looking at the instructions to 
mount the NAND data partition, does not give me enough information to 
mount the rootfs partition.  Here is how I mounted the data partition 
in the past: 

ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 3
mount -t ubifs ubi1;data /data

I have not tried it on my new image because the rootfs on the NAND is 
now larger.  Would be nice to have the revised instructions to format 
the data partition and mount it under the new partition sizing.  

I assume something similar is needed to mount the rootfs.  But the 
value of the -m flag for ubiattach is unclear when refering to the 
rootfs partition on the NAND.  Also the "name" of the partition and 
its mount point, when not running from it are unclear.  

Hopefully it can be done.  Thanks. 


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