3d power of Ben?

Bas Wijnen wijnen at debian.org
Thu Dec 9 05:18:32 EST 2010

Op 09-12-10 09:49, Sergey Kvachonok schreef:
>> 3d power of Ben?
> Nonexistent.

I don't entirely agree with that.

> No 3D hardware, no FPU,

This is true, but:

> no spare video memory except framebuffer.

Which means the entire memory can be used a video memory.

> IPU only accelerates video conversion/scaling, not even
> basic blit/fill ops.

And using any memory combined with DMA does mean there is support for a
sort of blit/fill operation, even if it must used per line. It doesn't
include alpha support, of course.

Also, if I understand the IPU documentation correctly, it can convert
parts of an image. This can be used as a fast blit, however it seems to
be unable to only scale, so the source image must be stored as YUV or
YCbCr. It's a bit strange that including a conversion makes things
faster, but with such hardware acceleration that's how things can be. :-)

The IPU does not support alpha blitting either.

> Not very good fit for realtime interactive
> graphics, much less 3D.

I don't know about the actual performance, but it certainly looks
promising, if you use the IPU as described above.


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