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Thu Dec 9 06:24:57 EST 2010

>>>>> "Christoph" == Christoph Pulster <Christoph at> writes:

> Hi, my main idea is to find new customers. So far all interested Linux
> geeks have a NN. 

I think this oversimplifies it too much.  I'd say so far all Linux geeks
have read about the NN and considered getting one, but as there is no
information online about cool stuff that can be _simply_ done with it,
they're not yet buying one.  No, starting it up, and getting a login
shell does not qualify as 'cool' (to me :)

> For end users I suggested the idea of "cartridges" (or say modules).
> Physically these can be simply microSD cards with self-installing
> applications. Customer buys "base unit" (=naked NN) and adds the
> moduls which gives the functionality he wants.  Simplification is one
> idea behind. There is a hugh potential of people who are sick of
> multi-funtional devices.

Yes, but who is going to create these cartridges?  You're demanding
significant development effort that most hobbyist programmers are
currently not going to invest.  Yet another monolithic distribution
scenario that makes it difficult for starters to contribute to.

> PS: The idea of a app store does not work, because NN has no WLAN.

That argument is completely moot.  The example I cited,
works albeit TI calculators not having wlan.  All they have is a
(serial) link cable to connect to a PC.  The app-store analogy is
broken, I know, that's why it's called a 'program archive'.


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