Cases ? geek stuff ? marketing ! (was: Re: discussion Digest, Vol 11, Issue 19)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Dec 9 08:18:23 EST 2010


> The example I cited, works albeit TI calculators not
> having wlan.  All they have is a (serial) link cable to connect to
> a PC.  The app-store analogy is broken, I know, that's why it's
> called a 'program archive'.

Of course, your idea is perfectly fine and a good example.
I've had a similar idea, and it's on my todo list for a while already
"automatically create OpenWrt packages from wiki pages tagged as scripts (Python, PHP, Lua, etc)"

Eventually we'll get to it, in what exact technical way we have to
see. It's not at the top of my priority list, but my idea would be
like it says in that todo item. Write a MediaWiki extension that
can package it up server-side, something like that...

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