3d power of Ben?

Sergey Kvachonok ravenexp at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 09:51:28 EST 2010

> I even did not look at those MXU instructions in those sources, do they can very
> well be blobs. So that mplayer uses or does not use that famous 'awk script'?
> Or the 'awk script' is only made to properly parse the blobs?

MXU in the sources is fine, it is documented somewhat and can be built
using their tools.

I've checked the mplayer sources again, there actually are sources for
h264, xvid and vc1 plugins.
Those live in jzcodecs dir while precompiled .so files are in jzsoc
dir. Apparently compiled binaries are provided to make it buildable
with standard toolchain without this awk script. I've misunderstood
this placement, sorry about that.

On  the other hand these codecs seem to be jz4750+ only, because they
make use of some acceleration hardware not present on jz4740 at all...


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