3d power of Ben?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Thu Dec 9 10:30:03 EST 2010


> I've checked the mplayer sources again, there actually are sources for
> h264, xvid and vc1 plugins.
> Those live in jzcodecs dir while precompiled .so files are in jzsoc
> dir. Apparently compiled binaries are provided to make it buildable
> with standard toolchain without this awk script. I've misunderstood
> this placement, sorry about that.

ah OK, you were faster than me :-)
I've just completed downloading the mplayer sources from Ingenic's
slow FTP server, but you already went further and sources are there.
I summed up what I knew in April, since then the only news to me was
the attempt to integrate the awk assembler into binutils, which failed
for now.



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