typing program

Jane Andreas JaneAndreas at gmx.com
Thu Dec 9 17:11:14 EST 2010

has anyone ported typing trainers for the Nanonote? The obvious one is Gtypist , i am not aware of any other command line versions. My idea was to make a bit of a contest of seeing who could type the most wpm on the Ben. I think this might help legitimize it as a useful work devise. We may not be able to touch type and we may have to adjust our technique, but if 30+ wpm is possible, i think it would be worth it. different keymaps may even have an effect once learned.

if no one else does, i volunteer to test this aspect and though boring, it is important.

i initially wanted to attach an external keyboard, but that may not be as easy as i thought, at least on version one of the nanonote.
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