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As you may of heard ChinaChip has decided to make the Gemei A330 Open
Object Hardware(Open object meaning they tell you how to write drivers
and otherwise interface to it). from Dingux website:
"ChinaChip is currently supporting this project by providing
documentation and hardware, so your donations are no longer necessary
to purchase development hardware."

While Booboo was in China vistiting the ChinaChip people he talked
about features for the next gen hardware, he mentioned this:
"Host USB type A connector on the top side. Would allow easy use of
WiFi or bluetooth dongles to add wireless capabilitites (internet,
multiplayer, etc). Proably the only way to place such a connector
without making the console too think would be to use a PCB cutout,
such that the connector, instead of being on the PCB, is "into" the
PCB (i.e. center of connector aligned with PCB)."

So I though how thick are handhelds?

 GA330 is a 16 mm thick!

Sure that's thinner than the 32 mm Game Boy (Classic) or the 28.9 mm
DS and the 27.4 mm GBC...

34      mm GamePark 32
27.5   mm Pandora
25.3   mm Game Boy Pocket
24.5   mm GBA
23      mm PSP1000
21.87 mm DS lite
19     mm PSP slim
18.9  mm DSi
18.5  mm GP2X Caanoo
18     mm GP2X Wiz
17.5  mm Gemei X760+
17.5  mm Ben Nanonote
17     mm MacBook Air
16.5  mm PSP go
16    mm Gemei A330
14    mm Dingoo A320
 3.6  mm. corrugated (card) board

What's wrong with the 25 to 19 mm GBA/DSi range?

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