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> On Friday 10 December 2010 15:10:01 Ignacio García Pérez wrote:
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> >
> > > As you may of heard ChinaChip has decided to make the Gemei A330 Open
> > > Object Hardware(Open object meaning they tell you how to write drivers
> > > and otherwise interface to it).
> >
> > Deal is I get schematics, docs, and uC/OS-II code under NDA,
> Just don't bother with uC/OS-II. RTEMS is free and has the same features
> (really, and you know how I like to bash free software for the lack of
> those).

I didn't explain it properly. Their native firmware is based on uC/OS-II,
and they've obviously written all the required drivers for this OS. Having
this source for reference helps a lot in writing the linux drivers.

> Do you really want to develop kernel drivers that are locked to proprietary
> hardware and to proprietary software, without being paid for it?

1- Yes, it's fun, and people's appreciation of my work is a very nice

2- I did already with the A320.

3- They're willing to pay for it.

if they just provide info I'll be glad to develop for this machine, but I'll
dedicate time as I see fit, or quit it altogether if some other prioritary
stuff takes up all my time. If they're paying for it and the price is right,
there will be an schedule and commitment to completion.


> S.
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