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the info about the JZ4720 is likewise NDAed and not be public. and I
don't think Ingenic let us peek at the close source drivers.

So to the end user the Ben NanoNote and the Gemei A330 the only
difference is the they can look at the Ben's schematics.

but they are both based on NDAed SOC where most of the magic happens. :(

Anyone want to do a count of how many of the chips used the the Ben
have public documentation on how to program for them?

The GA330 is more open than Intel's embedded Atom processors which
Intel is having problems getting permission to release the binary
drivers for thanks  to their NDA with Imagination Technologies.

2010/12/10 Ignacio García Pérez <iggarpe at>:
> 2010/12/10 JDH services <jaydeeaich at>
>> As you may of heard ChinaChip has decided to make the Gemei A330 Open
>> Object Hardware(Open object meaning they tell you how to write drivers
>> and otherwise interface to it).
> Deal is I get schematics, docs, and uC/OS-II code under NDA, and use it to
> develop the required kernel drivers, which will be open source.

I noticed in the GA330 pron that the RF module looks a lot like
HopeRF's 2.4G transceiver only using an  packaged IC instead of the
epoxy blob

Could you check the Datasheet and see if it is a equivalent module?

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