nanonote google statistics :)

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Sat Dec 11 10:08:27 EST 2010

>>>>> "David" == David Reyes Samblas Martinez <david at> writes:

> hey at least we generate enough volume to appear , not bad :)

> a pity I thing at leas in japan they search for this,

> instead of our litle machine

Hmm, if I search on google in the japanese region, for pages in japanese
language, almost all the links on the first result page refer to the

> I don't understand Japanese but seems some kind of PIM bundle for
> Nintendo Game Boy , well it can give us some ideas on how to implement
> a pim in a small screen :P Any one knowing japanese can confirm? 

Not as far as I can see.  Can you post a link?  Google trends won't
display any links for the japanese region "not enough search volume to
show graphs".

BTW checking google I just stumbled into a very interesting japanese
blog entry about the nanonote:

Some excerpts, freely translated (warning: my japanese sucks):

   "From the picture it wasn't obvious, but that thing is really so small,
   I was surprised. [..]  

   The problem is, what can one use it for?  Although there is a Linux
   on it, it cannot easily connect to the web.  The keyboard is hard to
   type on.  Also it'd be a nuisance to properly set the system up (it's
   a mess).

   When I saw the low price, I orderey two of them.  Now I didn't even
   unwrap the second one."


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