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Sun Dec 12 05:50:42 EST 2010

>> On Wed, Dec 08, 2010 at 07:47:16PM -0300, Werner Almesberger wrote:
>> I think the whole concept of exposing regular users to this sort of
>> build system, be it OpenWRT, OpenEmbedded, or whatever Debian,
>> Ubuntu, Fedora, etc., do to go from sources to packages, is deeply
>> flawed.

> Speaking with some experience I fully agree. The end user wants/needs
> simplicity. Ive had numerous talks with users (about OE building)
> where I tried to guide them into compiling package X,Z,Y and it always
> ended with: 1) they fail (and bug me) 2) they make it 50% (and bug me)
> 3) they make it all the way but dont understand what to do next (and
> bug me) 4) they make it all the way and get everything working
> (<--never seen it)

BTW about the bugging, just again came to my mind: Currently from the
printed NanoNote Quickstart documentation included with the nanonote, it
is not obvious how to bug /us/ by getting to this mailinglist (or did I
overlook something?).

IMO this is the most important piece of information.  Give the people
who buy NanoNotes a big red hint how to subscribe here.  Even if they
don't end up asking questions, it gives people some sense of "safety" to
know that ultimately they can stop searching the wiki and ask a

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