Emacs ported to NanoNote

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Sun Dec 12 08:25:31 EST 2010


I now have a first, experimental version of Emacs for nanonote, see
openwrt-packages.git on qi-hardware.com.  Screenshot is here:


Emacs is not only an editor, it's more like a window-manager, a desktop
and an operating system that just happens to have an editor built in :)

So what this gives us is:

  - Support for inputting japanese/chinese/korean/russian etc. from a
    utf-8 capable terminal (Try: <Esc> x set-terminal-coding-system <Ret>
    utf-8 <Ret> <Esc> x set-buffer-file-coding-system japanese <Ret>)
    (Need to run emacs from fbterm!)

  - syntax-hilighting/auto-indent for most languages around

  - An RPN calculator (<Esc> x calc)

  - A simple calculator (<Esc> x calculator)

  - A calendar (<Esc> x calendar)

  - Window-management/history/command line editing for multiple terminal
    applications (Try <Esc> x run-python, <Esc> x run-tcl , <Esc> x
    shell, <Esc> x eshell <Esc> x eshell, etc.)

  - a number of games  (<Esc> x dungeon , <Esc> x tetris etc.)

  - Support for WYSIWYG editing of simply formatted text (<Esc> x

  - A lisp interpreter !  :)

and a lot of more stuff I can't think of right now.

Note that this package is work-in-progress and experimental.  Startup
time is about a minute since no image-generation ("dump") is currently
done yet.  RAM is scarce.  Trying to input japanese Kanji loads the
kanji dictionary and causes out-of-memory killing).  Need to see how to
trim everything down a bit.


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