Taking NanoNote screenshots

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Mon Dec 13 04:52:40 EST 2010


>  http://mosquito.dyndns.tv/freesvn/trunk/dkbin/nn-fbtopng
> That's a Tcl script, need to have tclsh in /usr/bin (most people will
> have it).

Will this work for all cases (console, qt, gtk, sdl)? I remember reading
that screenshots are not easy to take when using the NanoNote-specific
sub-pixel fonts in the console. Does the script support that?

Running the screenshot grabber on the desktop feels more natural to me
than running fbgrab on the device, because then I need to switch to
a console to run fbgrab, with a delay timer, then back to the GUI I
wanted to take, etc. Quite fiddly.

The Tcl script is very short and thus may not be protected under
copyright, but can you clarify the license still? Right now it just
says "Copyright David Kuehling". Can you add another line that puts
it under the GPL or what you think is the best license?

I would like to include this script somewhere, still thinking about
the best place. Maybe xburst-tools?
Thanks for sharing the script,

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